Enforcement Mechanism

Licensing of food business.

No person shall use any place for food business except under the prescribed registration and possessing of a valid license.
The Authority may, in the prescribed manner, exempt a class of food operators from obtaining compulsory registration or possessing of license.

Improvement notice

If a Food Safety Officer has reasons to believe that any food operator has failed to comply with any provisions of this Act, the rules or the regulations, he may serve an improvement notice upon the food operator

(a) stating the grounds for believing that the food operator has failed to comply with any provisions of the Act or the rules or the regulations;
(b) specifying the matters which constitute the food operator’s failure so to comply; and
(c) intimating the measures which the food operator should take in order to secure compliance with the relevant provisions of the law.

If the food operator fails to comply with the improvement notice within the prescribed time, the Authority may cancel or suspend his license or take such other action as it deems appropriate..

Prohibition orders.

If any food operator is convicted of an offence under this Act and the Court is satisfied that the health risk exists with respect to the food business, the Court, may impose the following prohibitions:–
(a) a prohibition on the use of a process, treatment, premises or equipment for purposes of the food business; or
(b) a prohibition, with or without specifying period of prohibition, on the food operator to conduct or operate the food business.

Emergency Prohibition Orders.  

If the Food Safety Officer is satisfied that the health risk condition exists with respect to any food business, he may, after serving a notice on the food operator and for reasons to be recorded in writing, restrain him from carrying on the food business with or without specifying conditions or period of such restraint.
The Food Safety Officer shall, within twenty four hours of the action taken under sub-section (1), report such action to the Authority which may, after serving a notice on the food operator and for reasons Emergency prohibition orders to be recorded in writing, confirm, modify, set aside or annul the order of the food safety officer.

Notification of Food Poisoning.  

The Authority may, by notification, require medical practitioners carrying on profession in any local area to report all occurrences of food poisoning to the Food Safety Officer or the Authority. Notification of food poisoning.

Food Recalls Procedures.

If the Director General has reasons to believe that some food is not in compliance with this Act, rules or regulations, he may, after recording reasons, order immediate lifting or withdrawal of the said food from the market.
Any person, who is aggrieved by any action taken under this section, may, in the prescribed manner, prefer an appeal to the Authority.
The Authority may, on its own accord or on the application of an aggrieved person, set-aside or modify an order made under sub-section (1).

Establishment of Food Laboratories.

The Authority may establish a food laboratory for purposes of carrying out analysis of samples of any food or food related equipment’s or utensils.
The Authority may recognize or accredit a food laboratory for any of the purposes contained in sub-section (1).