Scientific Panel

With the approval of the Board of Sindh Food Authority and in pursuance of section 14 (1) of Sindh Food Authority act 2016, a scientific panel was constituted on the recommendation of selection committee.

Mr. Abrar Ahmed Sheikh (Director Operation) Convener
Dr. Syed Muhammad Ghufran Saeed (Phd Food Technology) Member
Dr. Omar Mukhtar Trar (Phd) Member
Dr. Fayyaz Ashraf (Post Doc.) Member
Mr. Muhammad Najeeb Khan (Specialization in Islamic Jurisprudence) Member
Dr. Sagheer Ahmed Sheikh (Phd) Member
Dr. Ahsanullah Khan Bhrgri (M.B.B.S MSC. Public Health) Member
Mr. Allah Ditta Jarwar (Phd) Member
Mr. Shafique Rehman (MSC. Horticulture) Co-opt Member
Mr. Anees Qureshi (MSC. Food Technology) Co-opt Member

Terms of Reference:

  • The Authority may refer any matter relating to food to the scientific panel for recommendation.
  • Scientific Panel may, after due deliberations with the relevant industry and consumer representatives, make recommendation to the authority on standards, products, procedures, processes and guidelines in relation to any technical aspect of the world.
  • If the authority in case does not agree to the recommendations of the scientific panel, it may the reasons, refer the case back to the scientific panel for reconsideration.
  • The scientific panel shall reconsider the reference and forward its reconsidered recommendations and the food authority shall act accordingly.