The Board of SFA

In pursuance of sub-section (1) of section 3 of the Sindh Food Authority Act, 2016 and with the approval of the Competent Authority (Chief Minister), the Government of Sindh are pleased to establish the Sindh Food Authority under section 4 (1) of the said Act, with the following composition & TORs:-

1 Minister / Advisor on Food Sindh Chairperson
2 Chairman Standing Committee on Food. Member
3 Secretary, Food Department, Government of Sindh Convener
4 Secretary, Health Department, Government of Sindh Vice Chairperson
5 Secretary, Culture & Tourism Department, Government of Sindh Member
6 Secretary, Agriculture, Supply &Prices Department, Government of Sindh Member
7 Secretary, Livestock & Fisheries Department, Government of Sindh Member
8 Secretary, Social Welfare Department, Government of Sindh Member
9 Secretary, Local Government & HTP Department, Government of Sindh Member
10 Secretary, Public Health Engineering Department, Government of Sindh Member
11 Dr. Sohrab Khan Sarki MPA.

Mr. Ghanwar Khan Isran, MPA.

Mr. Sanjay Perwani, MPA.

12 Mr. Agha Shahab Ahmed Khan,

Representative from Chamber of Commerce & Industry

13 Dr. Syed Muhammad Ghufran,

Food Technologist / Scientist, Department of Food Science & Technology,

University of Karachi

14 Mr. Shaukat Ali Suleman, Representative of Food Operators. Member
15 Mr. Sheikh Muhammad Tehseen,

Representative of Food Operators and Food Industry.

16 Mr. Muhammad Nadeem Monoo, Representative of Consumers Member
17 Any other member / respective Divisional Commissioner, as co-opted by the Chairman of the Authority Member


Terms of Reference:

  1. The Authority shall regulate and monitor the food business in order to ensure provision of safe food.
  2. Without prejudice to the provision of sub-section (1), the Authority may-
    a) formulate standards, procedures, processes and guidelines in relation to any aspect of food including food business, food labeling, food additive, and specify appropriate enforcement system;
    b) specify procedures and guidelines for setting up and accreditation of food laboratories;
    c) formulate method of sampling, analysis of samples and reporting of result;
    d) specify licensing, prohibition order, recall procedure, improvement notices or prosecution;
    e) determine terms and conditions of services of its employees;
    f) provide scientific advice and technical support to Government in matters relating to food;
    g) collect and analyze relevant scientific and technical data relating to food;
    h) establish a system of network of food operator and consumers to facilitate food safety and quality control;
    i) organize training programmers in food safety and standards;
    j) levy fee for registration, licensing and other services;
    k) certify food for exports;
    l) perform any other function as may be prescribed by rules or regulation; and
    m) Do any other thing which is incidental to or necessary for the discharge of its functions under the Sindh Food Authority Act or rules of Regulations made there under