Expired meat confiscated from Karachi eatery being probed for minors’ death

KARACHI: In a shocking revelations, The Sindh Food Authority (SFA) on Tuesday claimed to have  confiscated  expired meat products from a warehouse used to store the inventory of Arizona Grill, the restaurant was sealed  after two minors allegedly died of having poisonous food.

As per details,  the  food authority  conducted a raid based on a tip-off that a restaurant’s, located on Zamzama Boulevard in DHA Phase V,  seal barring entry was broken and supplies were being moved secretly.

When the officials , accompanied by law enforcers, reached the site,they saw a vehicle being loaded with food items, such as imported meat packages and juice concentrates. The inventory was being brought out of a warehouse.

The authority, during the inspection, found the meat was imported in 2014 and according to the inscription on the packets, it was supposed to have been used by February 24, 2015.

The official has claimed to have recovered over 50 kilogrammes of the meat, juice concentrates and other ingredients used to prepare food were confiscated from the warehouse.

The authorities detained a suspect, Waheed Ali, who revealed that he had been employed by Arizona Grill as a caretaker at the warehouse.

According to the SFA’s  official the restaurant had been sealed on Sunday, after news of the minors’ deaths surfaced.

The action came after two minor siblings died from alleged food poisoning on Sunday after having dined at the high-end restaurant and eaten candy from a stall outside an amusement park.

Published in The News International, November 14th, 2018.