Fish eatery sealed in Karachi as Sindh Food Authority back in action

KARACHI: The Sindh Food Authority (SFA) sealed off multiple eateries, bakeries, and canteens Thursday night during a raid in Karachi.

The team conducted raids in various areas of the metropolis, including University and Jamshed Roads. Three restaurants, including Fish Point, were sealed after the regulator discovered food and beverages detrimental to health.

At Fish Point on Jamshed Road, the SFA team recovered filthy oil and found out that the eatery had inadequate cleaning methods.

Another restaurant at Nagan Chowrangi was found to be violating hygiene rules and was shut down. Its freezer was found in a foul condition, with the team saying that “many days” old meat was stored in there.

Apart from this, a bakery was also closed down after the SFA team discovered unprofessional methods of cleaning.

According to the team, some of the food retailers were using textile colours instead of proper, tested food colouring.

Two canteens at the University of Karachi were also sealed off after members of the SFA team found substandard items there.

Published in Geo Tv , December 21th, 2018.