Sindh Food Authority seals several eateries, bakeries around Karachi

KARACHI: Numerous eateries, bakeries and canteens around the city were sealed by the Sindh Food Authority (SFA) amidst a search on Thursday night.

Several areas around Karachi were raided by the SFA team including University of Karachi and Jamshed Road after which three restaurants were closed following the uncovering of food and beverages of second-rate quality that were harmful for health.

The team had recovered unrefined oil from Jamshed Road’s Fish Point while also discerning that the place was insufficiently cleaned.

Moreover, an eatery at Nagan Chowrangi was also closed off owing to inferior hygiene settings and meat recovered from freezer said to be ‘many days old.’

Another bakery in town was shut by the team upon improper cleaning methods.

Substandard items being sold in two of the canteens at University of Karachi also led to their closure while the team also revealed that several vendors were also found using textile food colors rather than appropriate tested food coloring.

Published in The News International, December 21th, 2018.