Director General Sindh Food Authority Agha Fakhur Hussain Inspected Unity Food’s Sunridge Flour and Oil Plants in Bin Qasim industrial area.

The inspection was focused on to see and check the compliance of Sindh Food Fortification Act 2021, which mandates SFA to ensure proper fortification of wheat flour and oil/ghee in the province. D.G. SFA visited the plants along with SFA’s technical team and the Provincial Manager (WFF) of Nutrition International Mr. Hafeezullah Ghambhir. NI has been supporting SFA and industry in food fortification all over Pakistan.

The fortification of wheat flour in Sindh is the part of a national strategy to combat malnutrition. Key activities included.

* Regulatory Framework: The government of Sindh established regulations mandating the fortification of wheat flour with specific nutrients such as iron, folic acid, and B-vitamins through SFA
* Public Awareness Campaigns: SFA taking Initiatives to raise awareness among the public regarding the benefits of consuming fortified flour and the importance of a balanced diet.
* Industry Engagement: NI taking initiatives of Collaboration with flour mills and manufacturers to ensure compliance with fortification standards. This involved providing technical assistance and support for the fortification process.
* Quality Control and Monitoring: SFA is working on the Implementation of robust monitoring and quality control mechanisms to check the consistency and effectiveness of fortification in the wheat flour produced by mills.
* Training Programs: With the help of NI and federal ministry of Food security and Research , SFA managing Training programs for millers and workers involved in the flour production process to ensure proper handling and incorporation of fortificants.
* Distribution and Accessibility: Now SFA working on grand for Ensuring widespread availability of fortified wheat flour, especially in areas with higher rates of malnutrition.